Must-have knowledge for New Condo Renovation (Real Estate Professional Series)


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For RE agents, your clients are excited to do the full renovation depending on your MCST, renovating a new condominium or apartment can pose an entire different set of challenges and constraints as compared to a HDB. The MCST may set additional rules and regulations that your client must adhere to, for example, strict duration of renovation period and specific types or colours of materials to use.

This 3-hour interactive course will provide participants with the basic required knowledge and skills in design and planning to prepare your clients for new condo renovation.

What You’ll Learn

  1. How to inspect for defects
  2. What reno works are legal
  3. What about the different finishing and materials?
  4. What are some common reno oversights?
  5. How to speak to IDs or Contractors?
  6. How to compare quotation?
  7. What are some savings techniques?

Who Should Attend

  • Real Estate Professionals
  • Anyone who requires knowledge for new condominium or apartment renovation.

Expected Classroom Size

12 to 20


  • Course materials will be printed and provided
  • Location will be confirmed via email upon payment

Additional information


25 Sep ‘19 (Wed) 2 – 4 PM (for RE Agents only), 19 Oct ’19 (Sat) 2 – 4 PM (for homeowners)


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